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Delayed Payment

When I started working with RedQuanta a couple of years back, payment was being made timely in around 30 days without any hassle. But now payment is delayed even after 60 days. This is not acceptable and is unfair. I have already sent two reminders for my audit report accepted on 13.07.2016. But I am yet to get the payment.

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Hi All,

I think its high time we take this issue to higher levels, if this would continue we would keep spending money from our own pockets without receiving payments

I am planning to reach out to exec board and CEO let us raise this topic

Ya sure we have to take this issue to next level or else we will be fooled ,we spent our valuable time and paid from our pocket ,we should leave this

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Yeah  I think we should do something about this. Let see how we can go about this. \


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let us all take to facebook and linkedin facebook has a red quanta page, let us raise concerns there

I have worked the red quanta with trust but i have not received any payment of work till date.  Suggest me guys should i expose this company in media.

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