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Delayed Payment

When I started working with RedQuanta a couple of years back, payment was being made timely in around 30 days without any hassle. But now payment is delayed even after 60 days. This is not acceptable and is unfair. I have already sent two reminders for my audit report accepted on 13.07.2016. But I am yet to get the payment.

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I have done multiple shops for them too and some are reimbursement shops-means I have spent from my pockets for purchase or eat outs. I wonder why payments have not been released for shops done over 5 months before. I did send repeated emails too wonder if there is anyway of escalating this issue with the Requanta support team. If anyone can come up with suggestions it would be appreciated.


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I agree, I did 2 audits in the month of September, during the first week and the third and have not received payments for either yet. They say they are processing it but it has been a month since I have raised the ticket alone. Request Redquanta to at least respond as to why this is happening!

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My payments due for the month of July 2017 are still due no as on 1st of November 2017. I wonder why such along delay. I had done two TATA Motors audits and one Lenskart, and so I have made a decision not to take up any more audits till I am paid for the ones already done. Its been almost 5 months now. Very annoying indeed!


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Yeah  I think we should do something about this. Let see how we can go about this. \


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It has been more than 60 days and the payment for three of my studies has not been done yet. Can somebody help me on this? This is absolutely unfair

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I am a new shopper and I have not yet received my payments for audits conducted in first week of August. Though the company claims to pay all payments within 60 days they do not stick to their commitments. 

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There seems to be some management problem in Redquanta. Shoppers need to keep following with them for the payments. Still if one does no get their dues, one should contact their CEO. I got the payment after many follow up with their CEO. Subsequent payments made by them shows that their house is in mess. Don't lose heart. Keep fighting for your right.


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I did my Audit on the 9th of Sept and the expected payment date was 26th Oct though i have still not received my payment. as a reason i have been declining all fresh audits calls 

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Ya sure we have to take this issue to next level or else we will be fooled ,we spent our valuable time and paid from our pocket ,we should leave this

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Yeah! even I am not sure what is going on with the company. Even I am not being paid for the audit done 3months back. I was expecting the management will do their part. Hope they will resolve these at the earliest.

let us all take to facebook and linkedin facebook has a red quanta page, let us raise concerns there

yes I have been following up with them but same issue no payment being done at all.

how do we contact their CEO

Hey, I got my first payment, now I can think of doing further assignments

After reading your all comments... I think i should stop doing audits as no payment ... no revert on redquanta forum by thier representative ....

It has been more than 60 days and till date I have not received any payment. Kindly check and revert asap
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