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Update Bank Account Details

User should ideally be allowed to edit bank account details for payment. The bank account in my profile is closed. And now I am unable to modify the details. It does not allow me to edit. For what good reason? Raised support queries as well. No response yet. How am I supposed to get the payments in such a case if there is no response?

15 people have this problem

I am not able to edit the bank details, Same thing mailed to account department as well as hello redquanta but there was no action taken place.

I am facing the same problem, cant update my bank account details and if it is not done i am unable to recieve my payment of audits done. I think these days are making fool of us.

Same here, even I am facing this problem.

I don't understand why they have restricted the editing option for their member to update their profile details

my ticket are closed how can i edit my bank detail ..


Pls suggest myself fr, how to upload a bank details...

Bank details are not editable and no response for pending payments, complete silence a big fraud on the shoppers.


i m already updated my account.please release my payment

I also not allowed to change my bank details.


I am also facing the same problem, I have done two audits recently, how will I get payment if m not able to change my bank details. It’s a genuine problem of all. Please do the needful

Guys let us reach out to the top guys and take on social media otherwise this company will keep the fraud going

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