Plenty of new assignments!

Pick up assignments for Theobrama ( Mumbai), Lenskart ( multiple cities), The beer cafe, and many more! We are constantly launching new assignments. Stay updated with our app or through our website!

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I hv requested for beer cafe audit multiple times but there is no reply from the quanta team. Sometimes they reply with rejectiona once the audit date has already passed.

looking forward to hotel assignment 

Is there any assignment in Kolkata ? Please let me know.

Keen to take assignments in Delhi. I am a chartered accountant
An absolutely delightful experience to work with the very courteous, polite and professional team of REDQUANTA!! Kudos and thre cheers!!
Wants some exciting assignments concerning hotels & resorts in Delhi NCR.

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You may share location and I can take up some of those evaluations as I have done extensive report requirements for Hotel shops.


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