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Pick up assignments for Theobrama ( Mumbai), Lenskart ( multiple cities), The beer cafe, and many more! We are constantly launching new assignments. Stay updated with our app or through our website!

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asssinments in pune needed and not related to bars

Must say that u have excellent projects in ur kitty, but we could do with some exciting ones like resorts and hotels.
Assignment in Mumbai and not related to bars


IOS users cant self assign missions which is sad, why this discrimination with Iphone users !! :(

waiting for BLR assignments..please share..

Hi I want audits for delhi and gurgaon location I have done many audits for wemark and bare  international .I am B.Tech ( Electronics & Communication ).

Best app android

I need assignments at ahmedabad i am B-Pharma with MBA 

Any assignments from new Jersey or New York?
I need assignment in nadiad,anand

how to get started for assignments in kolkata

I have completed my assignment at least I think so since the concerned party did not keep their appointment with me and which I have informed you all of, so where do we go from here?

Are there any further assignments available in Secunderabad?

Did a couple of Hotel shops and looking forward to more in the same region if available.


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